small logoPublic Meeting: Janet Six
Save Honolua Coalition

Tonight's speaker was Janet Six, an Industrial Archaeologist. Janet gave a very informative presentation about how the monochronistic cropping practices done by plantation owners has done much damage to our interconnected ecosystem and how, to the detriment of our society, they have disregarded Hawaiians' water rights. She explained the authentic definition of ahupua'a and her successful efforts at going up against Big Island plantation owner C. Brewer and helping the County of Hawai'i to acquire 225 acres of land in Honu'apo for a public park. Janet Six is one of the good Archaeologists out there today and she has offered her services to us for free-to help get this area designated as an archaeological reserve.
We heard moving testimony from Ulu Kaina and Glenn Kamaka about Hawaiian values, culture and lifestyle. They spoke of how the Hawaiians true definition of wealth was water as that was what sustained life and taught them to look to the source. There was no such thing as greed because everything belonged to everyone so we all worked together.'They spoke of how things used to be and how different--not better--they are now, just ONE GENERATION later. We heard about how RIGHT NOW families who do have legal claim to be on their land are having quiet title legal disputes with ML&P.
Since Tuesday nights meeting, MLP offered to show interested people a presentation on Thursday'evidence of how rapidly the coconut wireless works.