small logoPublic Meeting: Rob Parsons
Save Honolua Coalition

This weeks educational/motivational speaker was Rob Parsons, the Environmental Coordinator during the Arakawa administration. The topic was a successful grassroots campaign in the late 90's through 2001 to prevent A&B from developing Sprecklesville into 420 homes, a nine hole golf course and 25-30 additional homes on the wooded dunes area near Baldwin beach.
Mr Parsons general strategy advice includes not looking at those proposing a project as the enemy. He suggested we link up with like minded organizations and try to educate everyone about what we stand to lose. He said we must attack proposals methodically, pointing out specific reasons why it is not a good idea.
Many public awareness campaigns were used: bumper stickers, cartoons, t-shirts, petitions at local events,etc. He also mentioned looking into HRS Ch 343 which has to do with segmentation, which Maui Land and Pine is doing with Kapalua Land. When various projects are proposed, it is crucial that the cumulative impact be considered or else we experience situations like are going on now. He mentioned contacting Dick Mayer to research all developments being proposed/approved right now in just West Maui at this time and address key issues involving quality of life and the effects on our community of increasing the gap between the haves and the have nots. He suggested we look into the current land use designation and if it is Ag land what type of classification as that may help. Considering we import 80-90% of our food, it may not be a good idea to convert Ag lands to more houses in remote areas. We also need to focus on what we do want done with this area, an alternate vision. With Sprecklesville, they are trying to get federal protection as a North Shore cultural heritage park and as are area is very unique, we need to research what type of solution will work for the community
There was a question regarding petitions--anyone can sign.