small logoPublic Meeting: Kathy Chasten
Save Honolua Coalition

Dr. Kathy Chaston is the coordinator for Hawai'i's Local Action Strategy, an organization that works together with many different agencies in an effort to study and protect our coral reefs and marine ecosystems. Dr. Chaston presented enough studies to make our heads spin, but the bottom line is that the reef within Honolua Bay is dying. The reef is dying and the number and variety of fish is decreasing, despite the fact that nearly 30 years ago, this bay was designated as a marine preservation area. They have conducted numerous studies, but have been unable to determine what specifically is the reason for the demise at this time. Once the floor was open for questions and answers there was a flood of questions about restoring the stream flow as a way to begin the restoration of the marine ecosystem. According to Dr. Chaston, MLP has not diverted the stream since 2003, so the question on everyone's mind is where is the water? Dr. Chaston stressed that her organization will work with any group that seeks to restore the reefs and it seems that she takes what they say without doing their own research.

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