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Mahalo to Councilmember Mike Victorino for coming to speak at last
Tuesday's Save Honolua Coalition meeting and for your continued support
in our efforts to preserve Honolua. Thank you for your empowering
message, that we have the opportunity to create a better future for our
children to be able to continue to live in Maui.

As Mr. Victorino emphasized, the first step to change the status quo is
to vote, get involved in the system (sign up to serve on a board or
commission), learn the facts and make informed decisions.

Councilmember Victorino has island roots and understands that we are at
the point where enough is enough. He has pledged to never approve of
another gated community, and was open minded about the idea of a
moratorium on unnecessary development. He also informed us that the
council is moving towards efficiency, from now on, the planning
director is not to accept developers plans unless they are completed
100%. If we the people that actually live here, take back the power,
we can stop problems from compounding however we do need to be

Practical issues need to be addressed, our sewer system is
antiquated and it will take a lot of money to fix and the longer we
wait the more it is likely to cost and the potential is there for what
happened with the Ala Wai on Oahu to happen here.

Councilmember Victorino's stance is to do it right, do it for the people or don't do
it at all. We the people who live here are the power and the council
is the voice and we all need to work together to ensure a better