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Many have wondered why they feel drawn to support the Save Honolua Coalition. They may not surf or snorkel, but feel compelled to join our efforts to protect this sacred area. Kahu David Kapaku has shared some of the spiritual significance of the Honolua and Honokohau valleys with the Save Honolua Coalition at the 6-19-07 meeting. By sharing the spiritual foundations, Kahu Kapaku helped those who did not know, spiritually, to understand why it is so important that we save Honolua.

“We must save Honolua because ultimately Honolua will save you and save Maui… “
--Kahu David Kapaku

What does the Kahu mean by this? All of the islands have a spiritual significance: Hawai’i-breath, fresh water life-life will always be spoken; breath of ke akua is here; Mau’i-eternal spirit
Lana’i-spirit that floats
O’ahu-the altar
Kaho’olawe-to carry away (the baby)—with Molokini as the umbilical connection
Do we see the spiritual significance or are we too wrapped up in the material world? Honolua is the idea of strength, Honolua strengthens Honokohau, if Honolua falls Honokohau is next. Hawaiians knew about man’s connection to the divine pre-missionary contact. Ancient Hawaiian theology reveals that Hawaiians understood the concept of God and the living waters of Christ (Kane wai o la). They knew about connections: the piko (navel)-connection to the past, pelvis-connection to the future, kamanawa (top of the head)-connection to God, Breath of life. If you view Maui as a man’s head, Honokohau is located at the top of the head, the soft spot, this is Maui’s connection to God, the Breath of Life, it must be protected. As long as Honolua stands the passage of breath continues, once we lose Honolua the passage of breath will be cut off and Maui will die.

Kahu Kapaku believes we must lay a spiritual foundation and the first thing that should be built is an altar--when the time comes we will need pohaku (stones) from around the islands, to rebuild our spiritual foundation and save Maui. Honolua will call out to all people for support and the gathering of pohaku is symbolic will show the concern of people all over Maui, each ahu moku, and it will spiritually strengthen our foundation.
King Kamehameha was said to have accomplished the great feat of uniting all the islands, but he never united the people. Honolua has the potential to unite the hearts of the people, giving each a stake in the future of this sacred area by asking for help to build an altar unlike any in the past, signifying a future of unity and working together for the common good. Honolua has the power to put an end to the divisions that hold us back.