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4/3/08 Lahaina News

Light blue sparkling water... very peaceful... the grass and rocks hug this bay. Ask yourself: “Do you want to see this every day or practically never?” Honolua Bay should stay open to the public because it is a great activity spot for everyone, it is a great tourist attraction, and it belongs to everyone that comes and lives on Maui.

Honolua Bay is a great activity spot for scuba diving, swiming, surfing, snorkeling and diving. It also has perfect conditions to go there any day. I took a survey on how much time some local kids at Lahaina Intermediate spend at Honolua Bay. Some said that they stay there two hours, some said five, and others said that they stay the night there, about 24 hours.

Honolua Bay is a great tourist attraction. Honolua Bay is the last open space on West Maui where there is no construction. It is also rich with Hawaiian history – spiritual and cultural. It is also the home to most protected species, such as green sea turtles, racooned butterfly fish, ringtail surgeon fish and much more. Some of the best surfers who have ever lived went to Honolua Bay and made their mark in history.

Lastly, it belongs to all the people of Maui and all that come here. This is a very important reason why we should keep Honolua open to the public. I took another survey of kids that went to Honolua Bay at Lahaina Intermediate, and 73 percent said that they go there. I also took a survey on how many students wanted Honolua Bay to stay open to the public, and 90 percent said they want it to stay open to the public. The others said that they didn’t really care.

The opposition states that Honolua Bay needs to be protected from all its visitors, but if we conserve Honolua Bay, then how are all the tourists and locals going to get to go to Honolua and surf, swim or snorkle. If we make Honolua Bay a private beach, then not everyone will be able to go see how beautiful it really is. Also, if we build around it, Honolua will probably be destroyed. too.

In conclusion, Honolua Bay should be saved because of its natural beauty. So ask yourself this question: would you rather see an “okay” beach or a beach of natural beauty?

EZRA BACCAR, Seventh-grader, Lahaina Intermediate School

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