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From: Tamara Paltin

Lou, Lou where were you?

This letter is in response to Lou Davenport's letter to the editor
(4-25-07). Obviously Mr. Davenport was not at the beach clean-up, if
he were, he would know that it was on Saturday and that the majority
of people there were wearing Save HONOLUA t-shirts. FYI, The Save
Honolua Coalition had their President, Vice President, and other board
mambers and supporters cleaning up "MLP's land." Now since you
brought it up, I must ask the question where was MLP's President and
VP who claim to care about the environment? Where was David Cole who
made the call for people to attend the clean up? Is this his standard
mode of operation? Make the money and then have people volunteer to
come in and clean his mess? Just wondering. So, I would ask Mr.
Davenport, in the future, please for the sake of our community, become
a part of the solution and not the problem, what are your motives?
Look carefully at the big picture of what is really going on, before
you write false statements again. I'm glad you like to question
motives and development, but please be accurate and do not question
just to stir up trouble, question with the intent of finding a
solution for the people of Maui. Instead of trying to create
divisions amongst us, work together for the benefit of everyone. Mr.
Davenport was right about one thing, talk is cheap, now is the time

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