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I was born in Honolua Ranch Camp in 1932. I worked for MLP for over 35 years, retiring in 1998. I think a government agency (EPA or Dept. of Health) should test Lipoa Point, aka field 53, for contamination because we pumped so much DBCP and other chemicals into the soil (it wasn't illegal then). Field 53 is unique among other fields ? it?s surrounded by ocean on three sides, due to wind and rain, this contamination extends into Honolua Bay and the ocean. If we take soil and water samples from the former pineapple fields and find toxic contamination, we would be entitled to superfund money like Del Monte on Oahu, to restore the land. Pineapple production of field 53 finished years ago, when will the clean up begin? I am 74 years old and I hope to see efforts made within my lifetime, we shouldn't leave it "as is" we need to keep it wet and green and let the chemicals clear out then remove the black plastic. The last thing we should do is rush to develop this sacred area with golf courses, parks and houses after years of production, lets take some soil samples and see what damage has been done.
From : Isao Nakagawa

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