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Letter to the Editor
By Tamara Paltin, 10/24/07

Maui Land and Pineapple’s shareholders know the cornerstones of their vision are Eco-sensitivity, Sustainability, Inclusiveness and Authenticity. So I hope that MLP will consider moving their trails to areas that don’t encroach on our pristine watershed areas or Marine Life Conservation District.

I support and admire MLP’s efforts to build trails – more are needed and it encourages a healthy lifestyle. The problem is, according to Kahu Lyons Naeone, Honolua is dying and needs to be left alone to recover. The construction of trails and attraction of more visitors to already overburdened Honolua is not in line with their own vision.

I’d also like to acknowledge that while improving shoreline access seems a good thing, an increased population, specifically of those unfamiliar with ocean conditions, will cause damage to areas we should be making every effort to protect. One of the sad realities of increased usage is increased litter.

MLP committed to the next hundred years and so, in the interest of the next seven generations, hold off on trails into a dying marine preserve. Continue to use wise stewardship by keeping human impact in pristine areas to a minimum. Using a mini-excavator in these fragile areas does not make a project eco-sensitive and it will have a more adverse impact on runoff than not going above the aquifer or into the watershed at all. Please do the right thing.

Tamara Paltin

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